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EPR football


The competition is tough for college student athletes. Small differences can have a big influence on whether an athlete makes the team.

Combine performance measures are used by colleges and professional teams. Make sure your athletic portfolio includes verified performance numbers. Your competition has them.


This is not “just another combine.”

This is the Standardized Athlete Test (SAT®) that will assess your athletic performance.

After providing the 40-yard dash timing at NFL Scouting for the past decade, all of the athlete testing for the past eight years at Army National Combine and testing over 100,000 student athletes, and several D1 teams across the country, Zybek Sports is the respected source for verified athlete performance results. (see example media links below)

The Football Combine / Standardized Athlete Test (SAT®) includes the following:

Athlete Measurements:



Hand Size

Wing Span

Athlete Tests:

40 Yard Dash
(10 yard and 20 yard splits)

ProAgility (short shuttle)

3 Cone Drill

Broad Jump

Vertical Jump on force plate

Reaction Drill

Athlete Deliverables:

Certified Standardized Athlete Test (SAT®) results. Example

Athlete Performance Goal Report: Shows where you are now and where you need to be next year and by college. Sample Report

30+ page expanded athlete assessment report: How to get there. Example Report

Periodic updates for 2019 including: Ways you can use your high school athletic experience as college essay topics.

Pre-programmed “It’s On You®” RFID Wristband that you can use for any future Zybek Sports Standardized Athlete Test (SAT®).