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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a service to help get recruited by colleges?

At EPR we have a core belief that if a student-athlete has the desire and commitment to play in college, there is a school for them. When using the tools on our website, it is important for student-athletes to search out colleges and universities where they will be a good match.

Other sites have free profiles and then charge for more detailed services. Why does EPR charge for the profile?

There is never an additional cost at EPR. For the small fee of $10/month, you will have full access to our website’s resources and tools as well as have your profile in our student-athlete database, which is free to college coaches. Our whole mission is to make this process as simple as possible for both the athletes and the colleges.

How was it determined what information should go on my (my child’s) profile page at EPR?

We sent out over 1500 individual emails to college Head Coaches, in various sports, across the country asking for feedback. We simply asked what they are looking for when searching for a recruit. We have compiled that feedback and created the profile page you will make at EPR.

Why EPR and not a different service?

Started by educators, our purposes will always be finding ways to help student-athletes. We are straightforward, free to college coaches, and for the cost of a fancy coffee per month, you have access to our many tools/templates, including our updated Head Coach database with emails (no more searching hundreds of websites).

Can I (my child) get recruited without using EPR or another recruiting service?

Absolutely. This is part of the reason we are so inexpensive. We just want to help and provide tools to simplify the process. Ultimately the recruiting process, even if using a service, is up to the student-athlete and family.